Who is Tom Short?

I’m an old, big guy trying to become an old, smaller guy by doing young, smaller guy shit.

I have always been a bigger guy. When I was a kid, mom would buy the “husky” size jeans and larger shirts, so my clothes didn’t fit so tight. We always spent a ton of time playing outside, so I had plenty of exercise – it was the ’70s and we didn’t have the internet or smart-devices. My parents limited our tv and gaming time (Intellivision ftw!). I’m not trying to say it is genetics, buuuut …

After high school I spent 5 years in the Army, got out, played hockey for a few years until a puck in the eye ended all that. Went to College for Computer Science, worked at a desk for 20 years, and got super fat (peaked at 330 lbs).

I started BJJ in June of 2014 as a way to lose weight and get into shape. I fell in love with what it helped me accomplish and how it improved my mental state.

My Professor saw something in me, as I became an assistant coach then the head kids coach and fundamentals coach by the time I had 2 stripes on my blue belt. I ab-so-lutely LOVE this art and what it can do to transform a life.

Having trained with some of the greatest BJJ players in the world, and working with some of the best nutritionists in the industry, this site is my way to give back to everyone what I have been gifted.

Welcome to SmashPass BJJ!

-Tom Short